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Sun Corridor Network Project Plans Broadband Access along I-40

BY TETTLEMA – MAY 31, 2018

Fiber optic infrastructure enables high-speed connections vital to education, research, medicine, commerce and economic vitality. Communities lacking adequate connectivity - particularly underserved rural and tribal communities and institutions - are at significant disadvantage economically and socially.

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Emerge Conference Brings Discussion of Big Technology Ideas to ASU IT Professional Community

BY TETTLEMA – MAY 24, 2018

This week ASU hosted Emerge, an energy-filled internal collaboration event for all ASU IT professionals. Emerge brought over 700 participants together to engage in idea-generating peer discussions and passionately discuss technology trends.

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Project Lets Musicians, Miles Away, Play Music Together


Imagine being able to play music with another person miles away with essentially zero delay. That’s what ASU School of Music and Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) students can now do because of an innovative partnership between ASU, the Sun Corridor Network, and Information Technology at PVUSD.

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