University Technology Office

UTO embraces its role as both an enabler and catalyst for advancing the vision and work of the New American University.


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Use Campus IT Resources to find more information on classroom support, computing sites, equipment demonstrations, tech studio information, and more.
UTO facilitates many technical tools for the ASU community. Here you will find more information on our most popular tools and resources like Zoom, Slack, DocuSign and more.
ASU Experience Center
The Experience Center is the front door for all ASU services and provides the highest level of service and support to our ASU family and beyond.

Popular Software & Tools

Office 365
Office Tools
Office Tools
Statistical Research
Adobe CC


ASU's Learning Management System

Canvas is the new Learning Management System for ASU. This fully featured LMS is designed to facilitate the delivery of instruction and enable student success. 

ASU is using the Slack Enterprise Grid as the communication hub for students, faculty and staff. 

The Trusted Learner Network

The Trusted Learner Network (TLN) is a new, secure, and decentralized approach to recording, curating, and sharing learner data on abilities and skills across the learner’s lifespan.

Smart Challenge

Addressing regional issues with collaboration and technology.

Information Security

Security Training
Security Training is mandatory for all ASU faculty/staff. Learn more about training resources here.
Security Review
Learn more about security reviews and how you can request one for your product or service.
Policy 2018
Learn more about our Guidelines & Procedures
Stay up-to-date on all alerts and announcements related to the IT security of ASU.

Upcoming Events

ShapingEDU LIVE: The Teaching Toolset Triangle Project

ShapingEDU LIVE: The Teaching Toolset Triangle Project

8:00 am - 9:30 am

Project Management Network Summit- VIRTUAL

Project Management Network Summit- VIRTUAL

9:00 am - 12:00 pm