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Amazon Echo Show Awarded to Student


We have a winner! Tooker Hall students entered into a random drawing for an Amazon Echo Show when responding to a recent survey about their access to Amazon Echo Dots and Alexa in the residence, and Ethan Clayton was the lucky recipient of the premium Echo device. We appreciate your participation in the survey and hope you enjoy your new Echo Show!


UTO collected data from participants and discovered about 77 percent of respondents said they were moderately or extremely satisfied with their Echo Dot experience. Over 1500 students received an Echo Dot, of which 330 responded to the survey. About 74 percent said it was moderately or extremely easy to connect to the network with the Echo Dots, and 101 respondents have been working on, completed, or plan to build an Alexa skill in the future. Some of the student-published Alexa skills include a Tooker Hall information skill, one that controls a robot, and an Alexa-enabled singing bass.


The majority of students have used the Echo Dot to play music, with setting alarms and getting news and weather updates being popular functions as well. The most popular enabled skills at Tooker Hall are the official ASU skill, the student-published Tooker hall skill, and the news skill.


The incredible range of uses for Amazon’s Echo Dots has provided useful functionality and potential future opportunities. Over half of respondents are interested in building an Alexa skill, an encouraging indication of ASU students’ desire for ingenuity and innovation.

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