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Spotlight on: ASU Life Safety Phone Services


The University Technology Office (UTO) reminds staff members that only the University’s Network Communications Department or a CenturyLink technician have authorization to relocate phones. This policy keeps campus 911 phone services accurate.

Dispatchers receive an ASU landline’s associated location when an emergency call is made. If an unauthorized staff member moves a phone, first responders may not be dispatched to the correct location and emergency services may be delayed.

For more information, please review ASU’s policy.

To request a phone move, simply follow the steps below to submit a ServiceNow ticket on My ASU:

If you have any further questions about how to have a phone moved, or to verify the location information for your phone, please contact the ASU Help Center at 1-855-278-5080.

ASU LiveSafe mobile app:

Another way to increase your safety at ASU is to download the free LiveSafe app. Livesafe is available to the ASU community as a supplement to life safety services and offers a variety of safety features and benefits:

  • Choose GoSafe to activate SafeWalk and chat live with your designated emergency contacts (friends or family) during your trip as they view your progress on a map. Deactivate SafeWalk after your trip.

  • Alert personal emergency contacts in times of distress with a link to your accurate GPS location.

  • Report tips to ASU Police with your user information for more accurate location information, or enable the anonymous reporting option.

  • Use Safety Map to find nearby Safety Escort Service pick-up and drop-off locations. Request a ride via GoSafe then choose Safety Escort Service.

  • If you locked your keys in your car or your car battery is dead, use the Motorist Assist tip type in Report Tips to get help.

  • Turn Location Services On. GPS data can provide ASU Police a better way to serve and protect you. When you report an incident or make a 911 call using the LiveSafe, ASU Police will know exactly where you are so they can respond accordingly.


For more information on best practices and how to download the app, please visit the ASU LiveSafe webpage.

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