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Sun Devil Stadium IoT work featured in Forbes Article


Arizona State University’s innovative technology enhancements to Sun Devil Stadium were recently detailed in a Dell-sponsored package on Forbes, along with other “Change Agents” in different industries like law enforcement, power generation, and prescription drugs. ASU, the highlight of digital transformation in higher education, has been hard at work creating an analog to the Smart Campus for which the university is known for game day at Sun Devil Stadium. Chris Richardson, Assistant Vice President of ASU IT Development at the University Technology Office, was featured in the video and explained that the philosophy of the improvements were to provide a more connected and interactive experience for the audience. To that end, sensors across the stadium that measure temperature, sound, humidity, and more were placed to gather pertinent data, and a mobile app was developed to provide interactive moments and novelties throughout a game.

Along with the general facility improvements to the stadium, Kate Janczewski, Assistant Athletic Director Digital Media and Communications, explained that the interactivity is meant to begin at the beginning of game day. Updates that provide parking tips and concession and restroom line status are just some of the examples of the ways the upgrade will engage fans and ease some of the difficulties of game day. These smart updates bring ASU’s innovation to the forefront in an arena, both literally and figuratively, that is incredibly important to the student body and ASU fans.


For more information or to view the “Change Agents” video, please visit Forbes.


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