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Event Recap: Planning & Project Management Workshop for Students!


Students at Higley Unified School District participating in Project Management Workshop

The University Technology Office, under the guidance of the Assistant Vice President of the Planning and Program Management Office, Warick Pond, recently held a Planning and Project Management workshop for students within the Higley Unified School District at ASU Polytechnic Campus. Students from varied middle and high schools learned the skills of effective project management. The workshop guided students through examples and experiential learning using the project at hand, “Applying and Getting Accepted into ASU.” 

Four teams created four different plans for the ASU application process and discussed the differences in approach and items a team may have missed, such as application fees. ASU application processes were provided in order to assess critical milestones, and several students went through the Me3 process, identifying and matching majors to their interests and incorporating any requirements for each of those College’s or department's into the application process.

A number of students stated their commitment to ASU, even some 7th and 8th graders; events of this kind are intended to be held again.

The Planning and Program Management Office is readying to create commercial workshop opportunities on project management. Continuing education credits are awarded as a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute. 

For future ASU students, the Planning and Program Management Office will continue to be ambassadors for the project management profession by reaching out to Arizona school districts. We want to offer students a free rich experience in learning how to plan and execute on project work. 

For more information please reach out to Warick Pond 

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