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Atlassian Tool Update


The Planning and Program Management Office announces the results from the tool assessment to replace the Planview Enterprise system with Atlassian. 

In an effort to streamline project, resource and portfolio management the Planning and Program Management Office (PPMO) conducted an assessment of current tools and processes. The result has been that the UTO will be utilizing Atlassian’s suite of capabilities within JIRA and Tempo. 

The purpose of the assessment was to identify possible alternative solutions for integrated planning tools that help keep track of projects, resources, and to keep organized. The group evaluates the process and portfolio management practices on an annual basis to ensure they are getting the most out of the software and investment.  

The PPMO piloted eight different enterprise project management tools to assess capabilities against identified requirements and the current level of maturity of organizational processes. After determining key areas within portfolio, program and project management, project intake, resource management, issues and risk management, time and expenses, collaboration, financials, administration, reporting, configuration, usability and support the various teams provided feedback on whether requirements were met, the team’s  user experience and the cost of each solution. 

Since the initial chartering of the PPMO, UTO has been engaged in maturing portfolio management using a phased approach. After the initial pilot of Planview’s request and project management in early 2012, we began creating maintenance of business (MOB) projects, incorporated time reporting, began entering all existing and new projects into the system and started using the resource management functionality.

The organization’s maturity has incrementally increased while the market of enterprise project management solutions has improved with more options. The decision to move to Atlassian suite will enable UTO to further improve upon capabilities and visualizations of project data.  

Implementation will begin over the next few months. A project timeline will be available for review near the end of February. For more information about Tempo, please review Atlassian’s site. Please email the project’s team at:ppmots@asu.edu for any other questions.

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