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The One Button Studio


The One Button Studio (OBS) is a self-service high-quality video recording studio that is now open in CPCOM 217 for use by all faculty and staff in the university. Student usage is slated for later in 2017. The goal of OBS at ASU is to promote a flexible, yet high-quality video media production resource for all of ASU. This first working studio is meant to serve as a blueprint plan for the equipment and process. Should other groups within the university want to create and manage their own OBS, perhaps they could be customized to their own specific needs. 

OBS is designed to simplify the video production process where users do not have to set up and adjust video equipment such as cameras, lighting, and audio recording tools. The user simply brings a USB drive to activate the studio system. With one press of a button the video recording starts and one more press will stop the recording. The end result is a video file that is placed on the USB drive and is ready to be published to  YouTube or the UTO video server, MediaAMP.  

The partnership for OBS is between EdPlus at ASU Instructional Design,  New Media, and the University Common Computing Classroom Support group. Find out more about OBS including hours of operation, how to make an appointment, what to bring, the variety of video styles available, and how to operate the studio by visiting the OBS website.

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