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How to Submit a Purchase Request


If a UTO staff member has found the item they want to purchase or already has a supplier quote, their first step will be to create a UTO Purchase Request via ServiceNow. 

This ServiceNow request is a tool that is used by the UTO Purchasing Team to help collect all the information that is needed for a purchase. The system alerts the team that a requisition (REQ) needs to be entered into our financial system, Workday. This process applies to all UTO purchases including, new purchases of technology, office supplies, software renewals, invoices for products already received or any employee reimbursements. 

Please follow the steps as outlined below to get the process started: 

  1. Submit a ticket through the ServiceNow portal and follow the steps outlined in the automated request form.
    1. For most requests, you will need to submit a copy of the quote, proposal, invoice or receipt and supplier contact information.
    2. For software purchases, please be prepared to submit a copy of the Security Review.
    3. Purchase requests can be made on behalf of other UTO staff members.
  2. Attach the appropriate documentation. 
  3. Input an approver on the form. The approver should be the person responsible for the budget. The approver on the order must approve the purchase request in the ServiceNow system or the request will not route to be processed.
  4. Submit the request. 
    1. The requester will receive updates throughout the purchasing process and when the order is complete, via ServiceNow. 
    2. The requester is responsible for making sure the approver has reviewed and approved the order in the system.
  5. After the request is approved, the ticket is assigned to a Business Office Specialist to process the order. Requests will be processed within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) based on the team’s existing workload.

Behind the scenes, the information from the ServiceNow ticket will be entered into the Workday system by a Business Office Specialist, in the form of a purchase requisition (REQ). The REQ essentially states to the Procurement Department that there are funds available and that we have a purchasing vehicle to make the purchase. When the REQ is approved by the Procurement buyer. It will become a purchase order (PO). Once the PO is generated it will carry with it the terms and conditions that will go to the supplier to acknowledge. With every purchase, we make we not only have to have a purchasing vehicle, but we also must have contract terms that will govern the agreement. 

The Business Office Specialist will also be the person that will notate in the Workday system that the product, service or software has been received, by creating a “receipt” in Workday. They will also attach the supplier’s invoice to the Workday purchase order so, that the Accounts Payable department can see that we were authorized to make the purchase with that PO, we received the item and the supplier’s invoice matches what we bought in a 3-way match process. When all this happens, then ASU can send the payment to the Supplier.

Questions? Please contact UTO Purchasing at utopurchasing@asu.edu.