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Silent Period Questions


  1. What is an RFP silent period? The period after an RFP is released is called the silent period. During this period, the committee cannot talk to suppliers about the RFP in progress. All correspondence must go through Procurement. This protects us in the event of a protest. If a respondent is our current supplier, conversation about the normal business matter can be held, but we must refrain from talking about the RFP. Additionally, after the RFP release, the committee cannot accept any gifts and/or gratuities from any supplier that is participating. This includes supplier lunches, dinners, golf invites, etc.

  2. Are we allowed to attend a supplier training, seminar or convention during the silent period? Yes, a committee member is able to participate in a mutual seminar, training or event, however, they must pay their own way and must be careful not to discuss the RFP and not to discuss things that would look like preferential treatment is being paid to this supplier. 

  3. After the RFP is released, is it true that committee members are not allowed to talk about the RFP outside of the committee? Yes, during the silent period, after the RFP release the committee cannot talk about the RFP outside of the committee. This protects us from a protest. 

  4. Does the silent period end after the RFP bidding is closed? No, the silent period does is not complete until the protest period is complete. 

  5. When is the protest period complete? The protest period begins when one or more suppliers is sent an intent to award. The protest period is over 10 days after the intent to award is sent.