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Request for Proposal Templates


  • FileRFP Supplier Distribution List- This is a template that can be used for collecting supplier contact information to notify the suppliers of an upcoming Request for Proposal. All notifications are on a courtesy basis only. 
  • FileRFP (Procurement Template) - This template includes all sections that need to be filled out highlighted in red.  
  • FileRFP Kick-off Meeting Presentation - This document is a template of an RFP Kick-off Meeting Presentation. The audience is the leadership team, the stakeholders and/or the project team participating in the event.
  • File RFP Communication Plan - A communications plan is created to make sure everyone understands the messages that will be communicated for a project. It outlines the audience, the media vehicles, the frequency of communications and it identifies the person responsible for communicating.
  • File RFP Evaluation Template –The committee chair and committee members of an RFP are responsible for evaluating all of the suppliers who respond. To make the process more organized use this template to evaluate every level of your supplier’s proposal. This template allows you to quickly eliminate non-viable suppliers and the qualitative information can be used to formulate the final Evaluation Summary Form for Procurement.
  • File Evaluation Summary Form - A form like this must be completed and turned into Procurement at the end of the RFP supplier evaluation. This summary contains the final recommendation of the RFP committee. The summary must be very clear as to why a supplier was chosen. The form could be sent to any supplier if requested. It could also be called into evidence at a protest. PDF icon completed version would look like this. 
  • Pricing Schedule Template – During an RFP, the Procurement Department provides a Total Cost Schedule. This schedule can be ideal for some products and services. However, if you would like to define your own pricing schedule, please see the template examples below. 
  • File Pricing Schedule -Custom: This template allows suppliers to summarize each category of their price for 5 years. Additionally, you can let the supplier define their own pricing elements or you can modify it to make it more specific to your product or service on their behalf. Please modify the template as you see fit for your product/service. 
  • File Pricing Schedule Consulting: This template is by hours or can be defined by the type of personnel that will be working on the project. 
  • File RFP Internal Review Email Request - This template email draft can be used when alerting the leadership team and/or internal stakeholders that the RFP is ready to be released. Leadership approval should be received before the RFP documents get sent to Procurement.