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Supplier Management Templates

  • File Supplier Meeting Notes Template - Sometimes staying organized is half the battle in managing a supplier. Taking good notes will help if having a supplier meeting. This template can be used a Word document or just placed in an email to remind the supplier who was at the meeting, what was discussed and what actions are needed. 

  • File Service Level Agreements - A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a customer. Aspects such as quality, availability, responsibilities, etc. are agreed between the parties. It is important that each SLA be agreed upon upfront in the contract or during the formal solicitation process.

  • File Strategic Language Addendum – When a supplier wants to be considered “strategic in nature, ASU generally has a Master Supplier Agreement already in place with the supplier. A “strategic” supplier may also provide additional services that cannot be monetarized. To add these services to an existing MSA, an addendum may be used. Please see attached addendum for examples of other services these suppliers may want to provide.

  • Supplier Scorecards:

    • File Scorecard Option 1 – Short version of evaluation criteria to use for measuring suppliers after a contract.

    • File Scorecard Option 2 – Long version of evaluation criteria to use for measuring suppliers after a contract.

  • File Notice of Breach or Demand Letter - A demand letter is a letter claiming demand for performance of some obligation or alleged breach of a contract. Demand letters are not legally required but are frequently used to assert a request. For example, if one anticipates a breach, it is advantageous to send a demand letter asserting that the other side could be in breach and request assurances of future performance. Demand letters that are not responded to may constitute admission by silence.

  • Microsoft Office document icon Extension Letter_Request for Approval Template- At times there is a need to extend a supplier beyond a 5 year agreement, without hosting a formal solicitation. This letter template demonstrates example language for a request to extend a supplier beyond the ABOR requirement. For UTO, this letter should be sent to the CIO and COO. In turn, the CIO would send it to the CFO for approval.