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DocuSign - Links

DocuSign Overview



DocuSign - Sharing

DocuSign allows a user to grant other users the ability to view their DocuSign folders (inbox, sent folder, deleted, and any others).  

To enable another user to see your folders, complete this DocuSign request form.  

Note that if you grant someone else access to your folder, you are giving that person access to view EVERYTHING in your DocuSign folders.

DocuSign - Tips and Tricks

ASU DocuSign Accounts and Email Addresses

Due to ASU's Single Sign-On process, all DocuSign accounts are created using your  This means that if you want to send a DocuSign document to another user and have it appear in their ASU DocuSign account you will need to use their  This can be found by looking an individual up in Outlook and looking under 'Alias' on their contact card.

DocuSign - Email Notification Settings

Managing your email notification settings will allow you to reduce the number of emails you receive from DocuSign and allows you to only focus on the important ones.  By default, every setting is checked.

DocuSign Support Link to Manage your Email Notifications.

DocuSign - Additional Features

Please click on the links to the left to learn more about DocuSign's additional features for:

DocuSign - Tracking


When you receive a document to be signed, the email notification only shows the name of the original sender.  If, for example, you are number 3 out of 6 in the routing order, the name of the sender in the email notification is the initial sender, not the person who was second in the routing order. 

To view the full routing status, you must log into DocuSign after you have finished signing.

When you are done signing, a You have completed your documents windowwill appear.  Click Login.  

DocuSign - Managing and Storing Documents

Envelope Management

Envelope management is the process of searching, sorting, and retrieving documents sent through DocuSign. 

DocuSign Support Link for Envelope Management.

Sharing User Folders

Sharing settings let you share your folders with another user so they can view, manage, correct, resend and void envelopes from their own folder list.

DocuSign Sending


DocuSign works on a three tiered method for sending documents. 

The first tier is the Envelope.  Think of the envelope as a manila envelope that you use to put documents inside to be send. 

DocuSign Signing

Signing a DocuSign Document is quick and easy.  If your signature or initials are needed on a DocuSign document, you will receive an email with a link to the document.  Depending on the way the form is setup, you will either be taken directly to the form or you will be redirected to a page asking you to enter a code that would be provided in the email. 

Once taken to the document, you will be able to enter any requested information and provide your signature with a simple click of the button. 

DocuSign Functionality

Please click on the links to the left to learn more about DocuSign's funcation for: