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Incident Response Standard

This standard outlines the workflow, roles and responsibilities, and escalation provisions with respect to identifying and handling information security incidents at Arizona State University.

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Enterprise System Change Management Standard

This document establishes the standard for Information Technology (IT) change management across the Arizona State University (ASU) IT environment.

Data Handling Standard

This standard outlines the responsibilities and controls required for handling all University managed information in any form.

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Courtesy Affiliate Standard

This standard documents the process of creating and administering Courtesy Affiliates of ASU.

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Anti-Virus Standard

All user and server systems that utilize the University network are required to have a supported and current version of anti-virus in order to perform due diligence towards protecting University systems.

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ASU Information Security Policy

The ASU Information Security Policy establishes guidelines and standards for the preservation of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of University information resources, provides for the integrity of institutional processes and records, and supports the University’s compliance with state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

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Access to University Technology Resources & Services Policy

Arizona State University (ASU) provides centrally managed information technology services and resources to employees, students, and other affiliates for activities related to its mission of teaching and learning, research, and service. The University limits access to only those individuals and entities that are actively involved in supporting the institution’s mission and goals.

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