Marketing & Communications FAQs

Why do we need to use a single email system? What’s wrong with my unit having its own separate email system?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated platform for digital communications. The system enables ASU to increase constituent engagement and affinity by providing the ability to gather information and deliver timely, relevant and effective messages. The Marketing Cloud has been selected as the university’s single digital communication platform and is intended to replace all other email and social media platforms that are used for mass communications.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Modules

Marketing & Communications

ASU has been using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud since November 2014. The implementation to date has been focused on replacing more than 13 siloed mass email systems that were in use by various units of the university.

Since bringing the email channel online in November 2014, we have achieved the following:

Corporate Relations FAQs

Why are we storing corporate relations data in Salesforce?

We are storing this data to give more visibility into what each department is doing so that we can work together to strengthen the relationships that all departments in ASU have and improve our individual and collective results.

Can I make my contacts in Salesforce private?

Corporate / Organizational Relations

Information Governance and Compilation

Principle 1: The benefits of access to company and contact information across the university can be maximized only if: (a) corporate relations communications are as open and regular as possible; and (b) all data are visible and available for use by all Salesforce users.

Knowledge Base

ASU has been using Salesforce Knowledge since 2014, launching the Public Knowledge Base (PKB) on January 14, 2014 and the Authenticated Knowledge Base (AKB) on July 15, 2014. Since launch, we have achieved the following:

My ASU Service Center

ASU has enhanced how students get support. Students now have 24/7 access to personalized help, create and track requests, and search student-centric knowledge articles through a Service Center in My ASU.

A few important notes:


2013 marked the beginning of ASU’s Service Excellence Initiatives. Through assessments, we learned student service needs and wants were focused on quality of service and delivery, personalized communication standards improving relevancy and timeliness, and greater access to online resources. We researched tools and systems that could elevate these improvements at the enterprise level and decided to move forward with Salesforce.


Creating a connected campus that puts students at the core and supports all functional areas of the university requires constant communication and teamwork. At ASU, four key initiatives work together to deliver on our vision of building a comprehensive and connected experience for the constituents we serve.

Salesforce: Managing our Relationships

Salesforce enables ASU to combines process, people and technology to recruit and keep students. 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which doesn't simply store student data, but captures the relationship between students and the services offered at ASU.