The data warehouse is available and the data has been refreshed.

Wireless Improvements

Improvements designed to enhance security, reliability, and stability of the ASU wireless network were put in place Monday, Aug. 1. To simplify the ASU network and enhance safety for all users, "ASU" is now encrypted and "ASU Guest" requires registration and is not encrypted.

DocuSign - Sending

Two ways to access the sending screen:

  1. From the DocuSign home page, select ‘Start a New Envelope.’ 
  2. Select ‘Send’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

DocuSign - Template

Creating a template is useful if you will be sending the same document - or even variations of the same document - repeatedly and with a similar workflow.

Map out your business process.  

Address the following parts of the process:


DocuSign - Workflow Decisions

To prepare to send a document, first document your current business process, noting roles, signature and data entry, and workflow.  Then, in order to transition to DocuSign, consider the following questions:

1.  Is this a one-time workflow or is this a process that is repeated often?  

DocuSign - Creating a Signature

When you need to sign a document for the first time, DocuSign will lead you through the process of adopting a signature.  You can also access the same signature-adopting interface at any time to edit your signature and initials.  


You have three options for adopting a signature and initials. All options are equally secure.   

LMS Review

Our mission

Identify a stable, scalable Learning Management System that supports faculty and student success.

Planning & Project Management Workshop

Arizona State University exemplifies a new prototype for the American public research university. To create new innovations within the university community it is essential to understand how to effectively innovate and execute on new prototypes. Whether you fill the role of a sponsor, service owner, project manager, coordinator, contributor or stakeholder it is imperative to improve our abilities to execute.