Wired Connections

ASU is improving the security of its wired network by increasing network security segmentation. This network security segmentation makes firewall separation required for different portions of the network. This means "subnetworks" are dedicated to specific kinds of devices and information, which results in improved performance and more secure subnetworks.

2018 Unconference Archival


Unconfernce view of the day

From April 25-27, 2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona, 129 higher education changemakers convened to dream, do, and drive the future of learning in the digital age. An Unconference format enabled the free flow of conversation, with common themes emerging and big ideas coalescing.

ShapingEDU Live

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An online event series for dreaming, doing, and driving the future of learning

Top IT Passions from Emerge

  1. Centralized glossary of systems

  2. Asu tech mentors

  3. AI advising

  4. Leverage student input

  5. Mobile game for incoming freshman

  6. Staying healthy in the IT workplace

  7. Bringing all IT groups together

Lightning Talk Slides

Check out all of the information presented by all the Lightning Talk presenters in their slides below.

LROC - Nine Years Exploring the Moon by Mark Robinson