Empower 2020

An ASU IT Professional Community Day


Activities for the day include presentations from the learning and IT communities -- with plentiful opportunities to both learn from others and share your expertise.

9:00AM - 9:30AM
9:30AM - 9:35AM
Intro to Mini Sessions - What are they and how will the day go.
9:35AM - 10:20AM
Session #1
10:20AM - 10:30AM
Humanity Break
10:30AM - 11:15AM
Session #2
11:20AM - 11:45AM
Gallery Walk

Welcome, 9:30AM Session, 10:30AM session, Gallery Walk

How will the day go?

9:00 AM: Everyone will gather via Zoom with Dr. Crow and Lev Gonick for a plenary welcome session. After the welcome session, participants will move to their first interactive session of choice.

Watch the Opening Session Watch Dr. Crow Girls Who Code Video View Presentation

Join one of the 9:35 AM Sessions. These seven compelling and interactive presentations highlight topics such as "Cloud To Infinity and Beyond," "Telling Your Story with Data," "Empowering Future Generations of Coders," and more. 

View sessions

Move into one of the 10:30 AM Sessions will consist of six more interactive presentation options include "Being an Awesome Slacker," "Responsible Innovation, and “Step Up Your Professional Development Game." 

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11:20 AM: Rejoin the group and end the day by "walking" around and seeing all the great ideas that arose from this collaborative day. All participants will reconvene in a concluding plenary session. 

Watch the Closing Session 

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