Empower 2020

An ASU IT Professional Community Day

Session Two: 10:30AM- 11:15AM

This 45-minute session will highlight six compelling and interactive presentations.

No need to sign up for your presentation ahead of time, just join the session the day of.

Your contributions to your breakout room of choice will be shared amongst attendees All presentations will be recorded and shared after the conference, so not only will you not have to miss out on a single moment, your participation will be heard and appreciated by many!

Being an Awesome Slacker; Bringing the Classroom to Your Living Room Overnight; Culture Ripples; Insights by Role for Operating Agile; Responsible Innovation; Step Up Your Professional Development Game

Being an Awesome Slacker

Being an Awesome Slacker

This will be a roundtable discussion of tips, tricks, and other survival and thriving strategies around the use of Slack. Come and learn something new and/or share your amazing Slack ninja skills.

 Presented by: Eric Dover

Eric Dover is the Executive Director of Experience Center and Learning Space Services for the University Technology Office. Within this area, Eric’s responsibilities include overseeing the 24x7x365 Experience Center that is the tier-1 front door to many university services such as IT, parking services, financial aid, general questions, and many more. Eric is also responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of all of the centrally managed physical university technology classrooms, general use computing labs, and assisting with the development of next-generation physical learning spaces. Eric also oversees an Instructional Design and Training team that provides training and resources for UTO systems and services that the university community engages in. Eric has over 18 years of higher education information technology experience that ranges from tier-1 assistance to tier-3 enterprise systems development and support.

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Bringing the Classroom to Your Living Room Overnight

Bringing the Classroom to Your Living Room Overnight

Hear how teams across ASU united to successfully enable remote learning as well as a collaborative work environment with near-zero lead time. Come hear the back story of our overnight success, what we learned along the way, and most importantly -- what you need to know about what is coming next.

Presented by: Melissa Bakutis & Tina Thorstenson

Melissa has the privilege of leading the Messaging and Collaboration team at Arizona State University. My team provides support for Microsoft O365, Google, Zoom, and Slack Enterprise Grid to all of the ASU community.

Tina Thorstenson is Deputy CIO and Chief Information Security Officer at Arizona State University responsible for IT Governance, Policy, and Information Security.  She leads IT alignment and enhancement activities across ASU, supporting a variety of activities designed to accelerate support for innovation, improve agility, provide relevant policies and standards, drive operational excellence, and improve transparency.  Tina has spent the majority of her career aligning technology to the mission and goals of higher education institutions. She has significant experience aligning to institutional goals, implementing necessary technology services and solutions to meet the growing needs of ASU.

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Culture Ripples: Expanding the Culture of Innovation at ASU

Culture Ripples: Expanding the Culture of Innovation at ASU

You are invited to the first meeting of the Culture Ripples Community of Practice!

Join us to build on the vision and action plan recently published by thirty-five members of the Culture Ripples Design Team, representing twenty-three colleges and business units across ASU. How can we activate culture ripples filled with appreciation, collaboration, innovation and transformation throughout ASU?

Learn more about Culture Ripples

Presented by: Christine Whitney Sanchez

Christine Whitney Sanchez is a social entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and architect of large-scale transformation. She has worked across five continents to build the capacity for mindful leadership, strategic collaboration and thriving organizations and communities.

As the Chief Culture Officer for the University Technology Office, she collaboratively designs and advances an integrated approach to the development of UTO’s values-led organizational culture. To enhance ASU’s local impact and social embeddedness, she actively works within and beyond ASU to co-develop solutions to the critical social, cultural and environmental issues facing 21stcentury Arizona.

Integrating her experience as a psychotherapist, Christine focuses on leadership from the inside-out. Taking a holistic approach to change, she engages the whole system to build on strengths and create the conditions for success.

Christine has guided tens of thousands of stakeholders to resolve thorny issues and generate new opportunities. She has trained thousands of change leaders around the globe in strength-based approaches to leadership and organization development. She has facilitated some of the largest intergenerational conversations in the world. And that is what brings her joy.

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Insights by Role for Operating Agile - ASU Mobile App an Example

Insights by Role for Operating Agile - ASU Mobile App an Example

We will walk through the roles of a sponsor, functional product owner, technical product coordination, and engineer. The team will highlight what we’ve learned along the way and some things to avoid to get the best results.

Presented by: Chris Richardson, Lisa McIntyre, Kelly Mukherjee & Krista Coblentz

Chris Richardson is a Deputy CIO (IT Development, Mobility & Smart Cities) in the UTO. His organization (DEV) is comprised of multiple teams focused on the vision for specific products, technologies, and systems working together with unique capabilities. We help numerous technical and functional stakeholders across ASU move forward in fulfilling their visions for enhancing or creating new products and services for students, faculty and staff.

Lisa McIntyre is the Executive Director for Student Success Innovations in the Office of the University Provost. In this role, she works collaboratively with faculty and staff across the university to advance a service-oriented approach to achieving strategic goals for student success. She serves as a functional stakeholder for multiple UTO products and technologies focused on student engagement, integration of proactive data driven strategies, and excellence in the ASU service experience.

Kelly Mukherjee is the Mobile/IoT Product Manager at ASU’s University Technology Office supporting products like the ASU Mobile App. Her primary role is to understand customer needs and match it with technological solutions, coordinating efforts with designers, developers, analysts, researchers, and business units.

Krista Coblentz is a developer on the Mobile & IoT team within UTO DEV. Her primary job is to work on the ASU Mobile App and various dashboards developing push notifications, chat and other app features. She works to support student and stakeholder needs, including developing and supporting the 6.8 million push messages sent so far across the university.

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Responsible Innovation

Responsible Innovation

What is Responsible Innovation? Why is it a goal of the University Technology Office?

Presented by: Nathan Corwin

Nathan is a 20+ year member of the technology team at Arizona State University where he is currently an Executive Director. For his third degree at ASU he is currently a graduate student in the School for the Future of Innovation in society.

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Step Up Your Professional Development Game

Step Up Your Professional Development Game

Looking for strategies to step up your professional development to attain your career aspirations?

Come join us to learn effective strategies to:
Step up YOUR game!
Take the Driver's Seat
Get a mentor - Be a mentor
Move your mentor from mentorship to advocacy

Presented by: Zella Muro & Danielle B. Steele

Zella has a Doctorate in Adult Education with a concentration in Human Performance. With over 30 years of practical experience, Zella has managed, coached and led impactful global leadership programs. Zella is sought out as a thought-partner and leader across corporate and higher education providing guidance and experience with proven results - taking team and individual performance to new levels of break through performance.

Since 2013, Danielle has implemented enterprise-wide technology projects at Arizona State University’s University Technology Office (UTO). Most recently, she has focused primarily on preparing people for change. She helps project leaders and people leaders succeed by partnering with them to clarify change, identify who is impacted, and gain commitment for the change.

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