Empower 2020

An ASU IT Professional Community Day

Session One: 9:35AM - 10:20AM

This 45-minute session will highlight seven compelling and interactive presentations.

No need to sign up for your presentation ahead of time, just join the session the day of.

Your contributions to your breakout room of choice will be shared amongst attendees All presentations will be recorded and shared after the conference, so not only will you not have to miss out on a single moment, your participation will be heard and appreciated by many!

Cloud To Infinity and Beyond;Co-creating success in times of crisis; Empowering future generations of coders;Gaining Intellectual Capacity Through Creating a Culture of Sustainable Engineers; Online Events: Is it worth it?; Telling stories that iterate i

Cloud To Infinity and Beyond

Cloud To Infinity and Beyond

We are embracing the transformational nature of shifting to the cloud and beginning to realize the value it offers in performance, agility, and security. This has given us an approach more coherent than most in terms of cloud usage, resource optimization, and cost-effective decision making. Looking forward to a post-pandemic world and new definitions of work, we are adjusting our cloud strategy sails to ensure alignment with enterprise goals, even in the face of uncertainty. We are excited to share our view of the journey and look forward to co-creating the future with you in this interactive session.

Presented by: Timothy Summers, Warick Pond, Nathan Wilken & Marty Idaszak 

Timothy C. Summers, Ph.D. is the executive director of Cloud and Advanced Network Engineering Services in the University Technology Office at Arizona State University.

Marty Idaszak is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Amazon Web Services 4x certified (Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, Cloud Practitioner). He is currently a System architect in GPIS

Warick Pond is the Executive Director for the Strategic Implementation Office within ASU’s University Technology Office. He brings a wealth of experience in IT portfolio and project management from both higher education and industry. In his role at ASU, he works with diverse teams resulting in the successful implementation of the tools, techniques, and methodology being utilized to assess, prioritize, manage, and monitor the hundreds of active projects comprising the institution’s IT portfolio.

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Co-creating success in times of crisis: What teams need from leaders, and what leaders need from teams

Co-creating success in times of crisis: What teams need from leaders, and what leaders need from teams

 Crises like COVID-19 stress not only people as individuals to their maximum, but also place enormous strain on the existing structures, processes, and approaches of the teams we work with. Especially with social-distancing, many teams are finding that their “default ways of being” – which may include central or formal authority, strong understanding of goals and outcomes, and a reliance on physical proximity to create a sense of belonging or community – are being challenged. And while it is natural, and potentially easy, to focus on the role of leaders and leadership in times of crisis, during periods of sustained change, the team as a whole needs to work together to support one another and their leader. Join us as we explore what teams need from leaders, and what leaders need from teams, in order to co-create success in these unprecedented times.

Presented by:  Cary Lopez

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the University Design Institute at ASU, Cary López is passionate about co-creating organizational processes, structures, and cultures that allow for people to flourish in their workplaces. Whether through strategic planning efforts, organizational change initiatives, or designing group facilitation and team processes, she works with people to transform their organization. While her career journey has been a somewhat winding path – including everything from helping startups launch to auditing public companies and running a large HR department – the core of her passion has remained the same: to work with the people of an organization to create a positive culture, where all members can flourish and thrive. She is one of the co-creators of the ASU Spark Method, a problem-solving method designed to help teams move from issue to action. When she’s not at work, she’s chasing her two young kiddos around, completing a PhD program in Communication, and sharing all of the craziness that is their life with her husband.

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Empowering future generations of coders: Get involved and Give Back

Empowering future generations of coders: Get involved and Give Back

Come discover the great work UTO is doing with the Giving Back to the Community efforts specifically the engagement with Girls Who Code. Learn more about the GWC program, hear about some amazing projects the girls are doing and discover how you can get involved.

Presented by: Bonnie LeBlanc & Sandra Johnson

Bonnie LeBlanc, UTO Director of Enterprise Solutions, and Sandra Johnson, UTO Special Advisor, helped start the UTO support of the Girls Who Code program in 2019. They each have over 20 years experience in technology and at ASU.

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Gaining Intellectual Capacity Through Creating a Culture of Sustainable Engineers

Gaining Intellectual Capacity Through Creating a Culture of Sustainable Engineers

This interactive and fun session will focus on how to create a culture of sustainable and scalable practices that open doors to innovation and capacity. This presentation shares the digital transformation journey within UTO, highlights lessons learned and cultural pivots needed to transform legacy operational practices into scalable and sustainable ones. After sharing the journey, the participants will be broken out into small groups where they will be asked to help foster ideas of how to help other technical teams across ASU achieve scalable and sustainable practices of their own.

Presented by: Jess Evans

Jess Evans holds a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems from Kent State University, and a Ph.D. in Management (Designing Sustainable Systems) from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her efforts to advance the mission of the university are bolstered by her extensive experience in the realms of finance/insurance, consulting, education/healthcare, and executive acumen.

One of Ms. Evans’ research areas is the development of successful and competent IT executives, and how to guarantee effectiveness and credibility amongst IT leaders through fostering attributes of emotional and social skills with blended technical knowledge.

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Online Events: Is it worth it? Let me work it, flip it and reverse it.

Online Events: Is it worth it? Let me work it, flip it and reverse it.

The world has changed and face-to-face events have been put on pause, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still assemble for great content and conversation. In fact, the move to remote-everything makes community engagement that much more vital. As we all pivot to digital mediums, online events have become the new path to spark authentic connections. With all new paths, there are new challenges but online events can be just as meaningful and successful than face-to-face. Join us as we show you how to work it, flip it and reverse your content to craft it for your next online event -- whether it’s a small meeting or a conference of thousands.

Presented by: Samantha Becker, Erin Morrow & Christina Ngo

In her role at ASU, Samantha leads a creative agency-style team at the University Technology Office (UTO), focused on bolstering community engagement, storytelling and strategic communications. Over the past year, she has helped UTO amplify their vision and voice through a defined narrative. She is also the Project Director for CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation -- a project dedicated to tapping into global perspectives and research on the emergent and long-standing themes impacting schools. Samantha has been in a committed relationship with digital communications for most of her career. For 7 years she served as the Senior Director at the New Media Consortium, where she led the Horizon Project and served as the lead writer for the Horizon Report series, which examined technology uptake in various learning sectors and garnered a readership of four million. She recently wrapped up a stint as Futurist in Residence at Penn State University and currently manages ASU’s global community of practice called ShapingEDU -- education changemakers shaping the future of learning in the digital age.

Erin Morrow is the UTO Events Coordinator. In this role, she works extensively on planning, coordinating, organizing, staffing and supervising events sponsored by the UTO. She has over 10 years experience in running events for many years both personally and professionally. Erin has coordinated live and digitally immersive events ranging from intimate gatherings to large conferences. She holds a degree in Tourism, Marketing and Event Management from Arizona State University.

Christina Ngo joins the Office of Applied Innovation as a 2019-2020 University Innovation Fellow with over eight years of experience in education as a K-12 teacher and higher education administrator. Christina’s work focuses on advancing the mission of the New American University by evaluating university-wide social embeddedness efforts and initiatives. Her fellowship portfolio includes working on the university-wide adoption of Collaboratory at ASU, a digital platform that allows users to capture the variety of ways ASU staff and faculty are partnering with over 2,0000 individual community partners and organizations to collaboratively address challenges. The platform serves as a connector between different ASU units and community partners. Christina also oversees the planning and execution of the annual ASU Social Embeddedness Network Conference, a convening of staff, faculty and community partners building connections and sharing best practices for working together and advancing ASU as a socially embedded institution.

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Telling stories that iterate ideas and amplify action

Telling stories that iterate ideas and amplify action

We all have ideas. Sometimes helping others understand new ideas is tricky because it involves challenging our personal perspectives. Using effective storytelling practices makes it possible to provide a convincing point of view - that helps others see ideas from your perspective. This interactive session offers practical and applied approaches to creating stories that inspire people to take action.

Presented by: Kyle Bowen 

Kyle Bowen is Executive Director of Learning Experience at Arizona State University, where he leads university efforts for effective uses of technology for teaching and learning. Kyle oversees a portfolio of services including digital platforms, instructional design, and learning spaces that support learner-centered approaches. Formerly the director of Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State, and director of informatics at Purdue University, he is experienced in shaping institutional strategies to advance student success through scaling new and innovative technologies. Kyle is an entrepreneur, teacher, and frequent speaker on the role of technology in learning, and his work has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Telling Your Story with Data

Telling Your Story with Data

Data has been called the new oil or the new oxygen, but with all this new powerful oil or O2, how do you tell your story?  This session will discuss some techniques and advice on how to best tell your story with data tools like visualizations, infographics, kps, dashboards, etc.    John helped build some of ASU’s original dashboards over 10 years ago, and even has the artifact of a yellow sticky from Dr. Crow that says, “learn all you can about dashboards and get back to me.”   John took Dr. Crow’s advice and this session will discuss some of the lessons he learned since that time.

Presented by: John Rome

John Rome is 25+ year employee of Arizona State University (ASU) and an experienced IT leader, educator, consultant, technologist and innovator John is a pioneer of data warehousing in higher education, building ASU’s data warehouse in the early 1990’s. He is also an instructor in the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business. His areas of expertise include information technology strategy, analytics/business intelligence, data governance, big data, public cloud development and deployment, and most recently, voice-enabled interfaces. He is also the recipient of two ASU President’s Innovation Awards.

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