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DocuSign Signing

Signing a DocuSign Document is quick and easy.  If your signature or initials are needed on a DocuSign document, you will receive an email with a link to the document.  Depending on the way the form is setup, you will either be taken directly to the form or you will be redirected to a page asking you to enter a code that would be provided in the email. 

Once taken to the document, you will be able to enter any requested information and provide your signature with a simple click of the button. 

The following information should help an individual through the signing experience.

DocuSign Support Links for Signing a Document

DocuSign Notification Email

The subject and body of the email can be configured inside DocuSign before an envelope is sent.  The body can be different for each member in the workflow but the basic framework of the email will remain the same.

DocuSign Support Links for Email Notification.

Signer Welcome Screen

The first step to reviewing and signing a DocuSign document is to agree to using DocuSign’s electronic records and signatures.  More information regarding this can be found at DocuSign’s site, linked to below.

DocuSign Support Link for Signer Agreement Screen. 

Entering Data and Signing the DocuSign Document

After agreeing to use DocuSign, you will be able to review the document, enter any necessary data into the document and finally sign the document. 

DocuSign Support Link to Basic Signing Process. 

Creating a Signature

The first time you use DocuSign to electronically sign a document, you will be asked to create a signature.  There are three options to create your DocuSign signature:

  • Select a premade style provided by DocuSign
  • Use your mouse to create a signature
  • Download the mobile application and draw your signature with your finger or stylus

DocuSign Support Link for Selecting Signature.

Completing the Signing Process

Once you have entered all the necessary information and electronically signed the document you will need to click the 'Finish' button in the lower right corner of the screen. At this time, it will be routed to the next individual in the workflow. If it is the final step, all members of the workflow will receive an email to view the completed document to review, print or save.

DocuSign Support Link to Completing the Signing Process.