DocuSign Overview

DocuSign has entered view-only mode. If you still have essential documents stored in DocuSign and have not preserved them by transitioning them to Adobe Sign, please begin the manual transition process now to avoid future interruptions to your workflow. You can follow the steps listed here for transitioning templates and documents. Please visit our Adobe Sign website for additional information.

ASU strives to continually update our tools, ensuring the Sun Devil community can leverage cutting-edge resources at the forefront of innovation. Reflecting this mission, the New American University has transitioned to Adobe Sign: a robust, convenient, cloud-based e-signature service.  As a result, funding and support of DocuSign is no longer provided by UTO. 

DocuSign is an industry leader for electronic signatures and workflow routed online forms.  At its heart, DocuSign is trying to replicate the experience of routing and signing paper documents.  This desire is expressed in the terminology used by the system (i.e. ‘envelope’) and the way the system functions. 


DocuSign is 100% legally-binding and provides full document encryption, a tamper-proof audit trail, redundant and geo-dispersed data centers, and is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act. You can learn more about DocuSign’s security here.