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DocuSign - Overview


DocuSign Overview

DocuSign is the industry leader for electronic signatures and workflow routed online forms.  At its heart, DocuSign is trying to replicate the experience of routing and signing paper documents.  This desire is expressed in the terminology used by the system (i.e. ‘envelope’) and the way the system functions.  If you keep this in mind, it will increase your understanding of this system.

ASU has configured an enterprise organization wrapped in our ASURITE single sign-on to be used by faculty and staff of the university.  Creating an account is simple and easy as outlined in the instructions below.  All faculty and staff can follow the steps and have a DocuSign account automatically provisioned with the ability to send envelopes through the system.  Please fill out the ServiceNow form to receive training to use and send templates, schedule a department on-boarding or to have a template turned into a Powerform. 

Account Setup

To automatically create your DocuSign account:

  • Access DocuSign at http://docusign.asu.edu
  • Authenticate to ASURITE using your ASU certificate or with your ASURITE username and password


  • Access DocuSign at http://account.docusign.com
  • Click the 'Company Login' button on the lower left hand side of the screen
  • In the Email field, enter your ASU email address. The email address should be your-asurite-username@asu.edu.
  • NOTE: If you have another email address, such as @thunderbird.asu.edu, do not use this address. Be sure to use your asurite@asu.edu email address.
  • Click Continue. The ASURITE login page will be displayed.
  • Authenticate to ASURITE using your ASU certificate or with your ASURITE username and password
  • If you have questions or need help with your ASU DocuSign account, please contact the ASU Help Center at 1-855-467-0334.

NOTE: If you enter your @asu.edu address into the username field and are not automatically directed to the ASURITE login page, contact the ASU Help Desk for assistance.


DocuSign is 100% legally-binding and provides full document encryption, a tamper-proof audit trail, redundant and geo-dispersed data centers, and is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act. You can learn more about DocuSign’s security here.