Empower 2019: Speakers Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight

Thought leaders from across the university and beyond will convene at Empower 2019 to address how the eight design aspirations can be implemented to innovate and design technology at ASU.

The eight design aspirations are Leverage Our Place, Transform Society, Value Entrepreneurship, Conduct Use-Inspired Research, Enable Student Success, Fuse Intellectual Disciplines, Be Socially Embedded, and Engage Globally.

The three pillars to enable and catalyze, operational excellence, customer delight, and innovation, are also a key part of Empower 2019. Each of them are woven into the eight design aspirations, which are represented below and in the speakers' topics.

The eight design aspirations are Leverage Our Place, Transform Society, Value Entrepreneurship, Conduct Use-Inspired Research, Enable Student Success, Fuse Intellectual Disciplines, Be Socially Embedded, and Engage Globally.


Michael Crow

Michael Crow photo

President Dr. Michael M. Crow is an educator, knowledge enterprise architect, science and technology policy More

Jess Alberts

Jess Alberts, Value Entrepreneurship

Jess K. Alberts, President’s Professor of Communication was Director of the Hugh Downs School of Human  More

Ara Austin

Ara Austin, Fuse Intellectual Discipline

Dr. Ara Austin is a "life-time" Sun-Devil, who received her BS in Biochemistry and PhD in Chemistry all from ASU  More

Lev Gonick

 Lev Gonick photo

CIO Lev Gonick is an educator, technologist, and smart city architect. He has been teaching, working, and living More

Adero Allison

Adero Allison, Engage Globally

Dr. Allison’s background combines music, disability and social sciences. Her experience has encompassed  More

Wanda Dalla Costa

Wanda Dalla Costa, Leverage Our Place

Wanda Dalla Costa, AIA, LEED A.P. is an architect and member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation who holds a More

Christine Whitney Sanchez

Christine Whitney Sanchez photo

UTO CCO Christine Whitney Sanchez is a social entrepreneur, consultant, coach, More

Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson, Be Socially Embedded

Alycia Anderson is the VP of Sales for an award winning technology company Knock CRM a leader in the multifamily More

Casey Davis

Casey Davis, Leverage Our Place

Casey Davis is an Instructional Designer Team Lead for the Instructional system Design and Training Team at UTO.  More

Sean Dudley

Sean Dudley, Conduct Use-Inspired Research

Sean Dudley began his career at ASU 14 years ago at the Biodesign Institute in the Center for  More

Bobby Gray

Bobby Gray, Transform Society

Bobby Gray has been working in IT and higher education for almost two decades.  He started his professional career  More

Charles Kazilek

Charles Kazilek, Enable Student Success

Charles Kazilek has been involved in universal learning through several long-running programs. More

Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore, Leverage Our Place

Jacob Moore, Associate Vice President of Tribal Relations, Office of Government  More

Alesha Durfee

Alesha Durfee, Transform Society

Alesha Durfee is the Associate Director of Graduate Programs for the School of Social Transformation  More

Heather Haseley

Heather Haseley, Fuse Intellectual Discipline

Heather Haseley is the Co-Executive Director, Innovation Collaboratory at Arizona State More                  

James McCabe

James McCabe, Transform Society

James develops a wide variety of architectural and planning solutions for a variety of customers  More

Daniel Munnerley

Daniel Munnerly, Fuse Intellectual Discipline

Topic: Innovation Collaboratory           More

Gemma Garcia

Gemma Garcia, Value Entrepreneurship

Gemma Garcia is the Director of Online Curriculum and Digital Innovation in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences More

Minu Ipe

Minu Ipe, Conduct Use-Inspired Research

Dr. Minu Ipe is the Knowledge Enterprise Architect and Senior Fellow for Leadership and Institutional Design at More

Kindra Maples

Kindra Maples, Be Socially Embedded

Kindra has over 18 years’ experience working with diverse crowds of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds More

Mike Riley

Mike Riley, Enable Student Success

I have worked in technology sales for over 20 years and have worked closely with Higher Education institutions  More

John Rome

John Rome, Transform Society

John Rome is a 25+ year employee of Arizona State University (ASU) and an experienced IT leader, educator More

Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott, Enable Student Success

Kimberly A. Scott is a professor of women and gender studies in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State  More

Tina Thorstenson

Tina Thorstenson, Be Socially Embedded

Tina Thorstenson is Deputy CIO for IT Governance, Policy, and Information Security at Arizona State University More

Nick Sabato

Nick Sabato, Engage Globally

Nick Sabato, Director of Country Programs for the Education for Humanity leads ASU’s efforts in extending educational More

Clayton Taylor

Clayton Taylor, Conduct Use-Inspired Research

Clayton Taylor, MBA, is the Director of the Business and Finance Organizational Performance Office in the Office More

Karina Branson

Karina Branson

As a graphic facilitator with a background in science communication, Karina gets to weave the threads between deep More

Philippos Savvides

Philippos Savvides, Enable Student Success

Philippos is the learning technologies manager in EdPlus at ASU. In August 2018, he led the launch of the first More

Noel Thiesing

Noel Thiesing, Value Entrepreneurship

Noel Thiesing is the Executive Director of Engagements & Consulting Services in the University  More