Empower 2019 - An ASU IT Professional Community Day

Top 13 Ideas!

  1. How can technology make a better pizza?
  2. The endless possibilities of using the smart city senses to support the visually impaired
  3. Breaking down silos (use sledgehammers)
  4. Slackbot Hackathon
  5. Organizational Awareness- As a whole ASU rather than silos of schools/ depts. 
  6. Slack etiquette awareness- Accessible and clear online class just as we do with security 
  7. Bringing smart tech to disadvantaged regions → Begin implementation in public schools
  8. Exploring ways to reward employees when monetary compensation isn’t possible (ie.. flex time, telecommuting, modified schedules)
  9. Public interest questions & considerations while building new technologies (Should robots have rights? Is facial recognition racists? Is Facebook liable for privacy breaches?)
  10. Slack for Classrooms- Best practices and apps with samples
  11. Repeated In-person IT meet up for internal networking
  12. Design a college at ASU that has no traditional classrooms (untethering learning)
  13. Create a smart campus infrastructure to enhance student learning by using technology