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FY21 Q3 'By the Numbers' illustrates support, service and innovation of ASU


The beginning of the 2021 calendar year saw the third quarter of UTO’s 2021 fiscal year run its course, and that course brought exceptional support, service and innovation to the ASU community. As always, we have gathered the quantity reflecting the quality that helps tell our story for UTO’s By the Numbers report.

View FY21 Q2 By the Numbers as a virtual booklet.

Learning, of course, is the most important element of ASU’s mission. UTO has accomplished a lot in creating remote and immersive learning experiences for students, and as ASU CIO Lev Gonick put it, "Campus-based teams, collaborations within and between education segments and a growing number of entrepreneurs are poised to take video-based instruction to the next level in 2021."

Protection of the ASU community’s information is also crucial. In Q3, a whopping number of “events of interest,” more than 72 billion, were flagged and mitigated from evolving into bigger problems. UTO served students, faculty and staff with service and access to tools like Slack, which, with “easy login access, a mobile app and customizable channels for conversations make it appealing.”

Scaling services like these is important to ensure that the whole university is connected. Nearly 340,00 unique active ASU community members entered the My ASU portal, the entryway to all things ASU. And all of these accomplishments and more were brought to bear because of the thriving positive culture at UTO, a testimony to which is provided by Danielle B. Steele, Culture Portfolio Manager. “I’m passionate about enriching people’s lives and building better organizations to ultimately create a more just and caring world,” Steele said.

Editor’s note: UTO By the Numbers briefs are published quarterly to illustrate the digital engagement of our community. Check out the second installment of FY21.

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