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New 'By the Numbers' illustrates UTO 2.1 in action


FY21 Q1 is one for the books! Following the transition from fully remote to a new hybrid modality, the start of the new fiscal year at ASU and UTO coincides with the end of summer and the first month of a fall semester committed to ASU Sync. With a continued dedication to ensuring the safest community of care possible, UTO developed technology-enabled solutions to enact behavioral changes across campus that promote the health and wellbeing of all Sun Devils, as well as offer exciting new learning experiences that leverage 21st century technologies.

Throughout Q1, UTO protected its community from information security threats at a huge scale, flagging over 50 billion “events of interest” for monitoring. Learning at ASU also got a boost with over 4,000 new course workspaces created in Slack, as well as over 1.5 million minutes spent connecting in Zoom. And the ASU Daily Health Check allowed students and employees to continue to thrive on campus, with nearly 10 million interactions recorded to date.

Check out FY21 Q1 'By the Numbers' to learn more! 

Access FY21 Q1 By the Numbers as a virtual booklet.

The work started and accomplishments realized at UTO during Q1 were guided by 15 strategic priorities, which combined, helped to accelerate the organization’s internal digital transformation under the moniker “UTO 2.1.” Get the quarterly progress report for each of the strategic priorities and accompanying measures of success in the presentation below:

Whether protecting, learning, thriving or serving, UTO’s FY21 Q1 By the Numbers brief illustrates the digital engagement of our community around the services and tools we provide.

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