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FY21 Q2 'By the Numbers' shows achievements at scale


For FY21 Q2 UTO By the Numbers, we felt it was necessary to highlight a new aspect of ASU work and life. By looking at the way we scale, the greater impact of learning, serving, protecting and thriving becomes more clear. Over 310,000 unique community members were active in My ASU from October through December 2020, demonstrating the extent of that scale.

View FY21 Q2 By the Numbers as a virtual booklet.

In addition, 6,000 course workspaces on Slack were developed, over two million Zoom sessions were held, over 59 billion potential information security “events of interest” were flagged and 71 Giving Back to the Community events brought people together during the same period. And these are just some of the numbers contained in our By the Numbers booklet and slide deck. The quantity is a demonstration of the quality achievements that make the learning experience at ASU the best possible. Learn more in the presentation below:

Whether protecting, learning, thriving, serving or scaling, UTO’s FY21 Q2 By the Numbers brief illustrates the digital engagement of our community around the services and tools we provide.

Editor’s note: UTO By the Numbers briefs are published quarterly to illustrate the digital engagement of our community. Check out the first installment of FY21 Q1.

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