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ASU Digital Credentials Summit Finds New Ways to Empower Lifelong Learning

BY TETTLEMA – MAY 12, 2020

The empowerment of learners at all stages of life is taking on new shapes. To further that change and connect faculty, more than 250 instructors, learners and workers from across the university came together for the ASU Digital Credentials Summit, hosted by the Learning Futures Collaboratory (LFC).

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UTO Student Project Showcase Highlights Learner Innovation

BY TETTLEMA – MAY 11, 2020

Student talent is always a highlight of the UTO experience. This spring semester, six exceptional interns, across four different projects, demonstrated the innovative potential of ASU learners and workers. In a Student Project Showcase presented to UTO leaders and peers, Heather Cuthbert, Mishal Shah, Srekeesh K C, Katherine Hannan, Sesha Chandra Adusumilli and Pawan Vijayanagar shared the results of their creativity.

Improving the User Experience

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Lifetime Learning the Focus at Trusted Learner Network Unconference


On March 2nd, higher education leaders, educators, technologists and students from across the country made major strides in the development of a new way to demonstrate the breadth of student learning at the inaugural Trusted Learner Network (TLN) Unconference, hosted by ASU. The event represents the start of a global community of experts and activists leveraging the TLN to improve the higher education experience worldwide.

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