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Learning(Hu)Man Virtual “Summer Camp” Electrifies Education Changemaking Conversations


Education changemakers from six continents around the world packed their bandanas, canteen and an open mind for the summer camp experience of a lifetime at Learning(Hu)Man 2020, hosted by ASU ShapingEDU.

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Wish You Were Here: ASU Gets Immersive at Learning(Hu)Man

BY ALSCHNE7 – JULY 29, 2020

By Andrew Schneider

During the week of July 20-27, 2020, ASU and ShapingEDU hosted Learning(Hu)Man 2020, a camp-themed, global education changemaking event that came to life on an immersive campus through VirBELA.

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Devil2Devil: How ASU Is Helping Admitted Students Find Their Way via Slack

BY ALSCHNE7 – JUNE 12, 2020

By Andrew Schneider 

At a time when we’re all keeping each other at an arm’s length (or two), new learners bound for ASU are gathering in droves virtually on Devil2Devil, ASU’s private network for admitted students -- now integrated with Slack.

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