Wired Connections

ASU is improving the security of its wired network by increasing network security segmentation. This network security segmentation makes firewall separation required for different portions of the network. This means "subnetworks" are dedicated to specific kinds of devices and information, which results in improved performance and more secure subnetworks.

In summer 2018, all residence hall student rooms' wired ethernet connections will be added to their own segment, separate from wifi. It will allow for special functionality for video game consoles, will not require ASUrite authentication, and have internet-only access. Internet-only access means that this segment will not be able to connect to ASU's private IP addresses.

A building-by-building conversion of the wired ethernet in all ASU offices, labs, classrooms, and common public areas will be underway from 2018 until the project is completed. This conversion will create a default for users to internet-only access, but an ASUrite and password will authenticate a verified user and push them to their affiliated segment.

Certain special devices, such as security cameras and enterprise printers, will require the network team to configure wired ethernet ports manually for the correct network security segment for the device.

These segmentations will allow the ASU network to operate more efficiently and prevent more security breaches, alleviating strain on ASU resources and containing certain devices and information to their respective network channels.