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UTO's Leadership Principles

UTO’s Leadership Principles were developed and refined by over 60 UTO employees over the course of two retreats in the spring of 2019.

Since then, work teams and the Leadership Team have been mapping the activating behaviors that will bring the principles to life.

The UTO embraces our organization’s positive core and mission. We embody these leadership principles in our actions.

Agile first

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We are agile in our mindset with an ongoing commit-ment to being nimble, willing to fail, and adaptive. We do this by:

  • Learning quickly from + embracing failure
  • Being open to feedback
  • Interacting with customers
  • Iterating + making incremental improvements
  • Being willing to experiment
  • Being inclusive
  • Shattering the status quo

Authentic Partnerships

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We are zealous about authentic partnerships, through-out the ASU Community and beyond, that advance ASU’s charter and mission. We do this by:

  • Catalyzing outreach efforts
  • Being responsive and valuing people’s time
  • Sharing our knowledge transparently
  • Breaking down silos
  • Including customers / stakeholders in strategy + decision-making

Curiosity + Creativity

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We are tenaciously dedicated to encouraging curiosity and creativity through the advancement of big ideas that empower our teams. Trust the spark. We do this by:

  • Generating and activating the next big ideas
  • Listening and being open
  • Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Scheduling time to expand our knowledge
  • Demonstrating a willingness to change

Culture of Collaboration

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We are celebratory of our intentional culture work that compounds our generative approach to multi-direction-al collaboration. We do this by:

  • Building upon our Positive Core foundation, together
  • Celebrating our accomplishments
  • Nurturing cross- functional teams
  • Taking shared ownership of UTO culture

Resourceful + Transformational

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We are transparent, thoughtful, and thrifty with fiscal re-sources and university investments in information and communication technology, emphasizing service simplification and transformational change. We do this by:

  • Always providing full costs + cost estimates
  • Practicing intentional frugality
  • Sharing resources
  • Sunsetting low value services
  • Finding opportunities to simplify

Talent Alignment

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We are unwavering in our commitment to aligning expert technical talent with the stewardship of our evolving portfolio of products and services, providing opportunities for professional growth. We do this by:

  • Building our technical prowess
  • Keeping up with technology + societal trends to address skill shortages
  • Embedding professional development
  • Finding + leveraging emerging talent, regardless of existing role

Trust in Our Teams

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We are trusting of our UTO teams and contributors who design opportunities that afford calculated risk-taking and shared responsibility. We do this by:

  • Collaborating and forming consensus around acceptable risk
  • Encouraging agency + autonomy
  • Identifying new projects for people to shine
  • Mentoring + guiding
  • Being honest when ‘no’ or ‘not now’ is the right answer

BRAVE work with many hands signifying UTO's Positive Core values