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UTO's Conscious Collaborative Culture

Why focus on culture in an IT organization?

Why is the culture at the University Technology Office the foundation of everything we do? 

Because the people who work here have the opportunity to apply their collective intelligence and shared values to the world of information technology in higher education. Everything we do for ASU students, faculty, staff and the larger community has the potential to take us into a future where our human capacities are augmented by technology for the common good. That’s important because we are approaching an inflection point where our smart devices will learn from each other without our assistance. We are positioned to program our machines with biases toward assisting rather than replacing humans. 

What is organizational culture?

Culture is socially constructed through our underlying beliefs, values, principles, systems and behaviors. Read more 

How are we co-creating our culture at UTO?

Culture work is an evolutionary process that engages individual, group and whole system wisdom and activates collaborative action. Read more.

What is the Relationship Between Culture and Innovation?

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