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UTO's Leadership Development

"Leadership is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those you are in charge of."

- Simon Sinek

The UTO strives to provide a growth-focused culture for our employees. Out of this goal, we have implemented programs to empower employees to explore ways to grow. From alternate career paths beyond their day to day tasks to learning the keys to leadership, the UTO is excited to be part of your journey. 

Passion Led Us Here


The Stretch Assignment is a program designed to reflect the UTO Core Values.  Stretch offers qualified staff an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in specific fields of interest in a low-pressure environment to learn, create, explore, and transform.  Often times, we have staff that is looking to further their career but not necessarily within the unit in which they are currently employed. The Stretch Assignment can be an excellent solution for helping our existing employees obtain new skills, develop talent, or leverage existing talents in new ways. Both employees and managers gain fresh perspectives from each other where they may have less familiarity.  The Stretch Assignment helps talented employees broaden their exposure and expand their networks across different business groups while meeting the emerging needs of the university as a whole. This initiative supports the ability to address short term resource limitations across the business. The Stretch Assignment serves as a direct connection to UTO and university-wide initiatives, assignments, and career aligned training.  

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

An 8-month professional development program for nominated UTO employees centered on leadership development. The program consists of leadership workshops, mentorship and soft skills training charted to grow UTO Culture Ambassadors while fostering increased networking across UTO. 



Rapid Orientation for Accelerated Results onboarding program, also known as ROAR, introduces new UTO employees to the UTO culture, Positive Core values, Leadership Principles, UTO FY Goals/objectives, Department overview coupled with warm welcomes from the  UTO CIO, UTO CCO, and from their team, assigned buddy and manager.

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