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It’s World Password Day: Don't pass on password protection


For many of us, not a day goes by that we aren’t logging into an account for various tasks, entertainment or work. As such, we've all heard stories of failed password protection...the cousin who had their bank account emptied after their account was accessed or the friend who had their data stolen from a company-wide hack. 

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4 ways to build your organization’s culture

BY SJONES83 – MAY 5, 2021

The relevance of culture in an organization cannot be overstated. With intentional frameworks in place, leaders and innovators alike can develop their own unique cultures in which their teams flourish. The question then is “How does an organization construct culture, let alone guarantee a beneficial one?”

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ASU IT professionals are invited to SOAR into the future at Empower 2021


All IT professionals and academic faculty working across the university are invited to come together for the fourth annual Empower! Taking place virtually from May 13-14, this is the premiere event for ASU's IT professional community to design, ideate and partner with their peers. Who will you catch at Empower? Data scientists, learning designers, professors, support staff, human resources personnel and beyond.

   “I liked seeing how the concept of motivating stories can move people into action.”

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