ASU and Sprint Launch Emergency Call Box Project to Improve Campus Safety

ASU and Sprint announced in October their collaboration to build out the Internet of Things (IoT) on campus and beyond with Sprint’s CuriosityTM IoT network. IoT is made up of all the devices that individually and collectively connect to the internet, and the relationship aims to leverage Sprint’s connectivity to build a smart campus. And now, ASU and Sprint are advancing their IoT efforts by collaborating on a “smart” emergency call box project.

The “smart” emergency call boxes can utilize Sprint’s True Mobile 5G network and will be equipped with sensor, augmented reality and video analytics technology. Together, along with smart lighting throughout the campus, these capabilities aim to enhance security and mobility and to improve the overall campus experience for ASU students, community, staff and faculty.

The emergency call boxes already exist on campus. But the purpose of this redesign is to create a mesh environment over the campus, allowing for continuous connectivity throughout the university grounds. Today, the call boxes allow individuals in distress to contact emergency personnel. The new smart call boxes will be equipped with IoT sensors and other smart connectivity technologies to provide the exact location for quick dispatch and response, as well as other services.

Before full deployment, the collective teams will gather extensive input to determine the “art of the possible” with the emergency call boxes to make ASU a smarter and more secure campus.