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ASU and Sprint Partner to Bring 5G and Curiosity IoT to Campus and Beyond


Arizona State University, in collaboration with a number of industry partners, is a driving force in the development of a “Smart” Campus, leveraging the connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a more effective and engaging learning space. That effort has grown into the concept of a Smart City, and even a Smart Region. And now, ASU’s partnership with Sprint will bring 5G service and the Curiosity IoT network to the University, a move that will offer new and immersive experiences to students on campus as well as contribute to a larger expansion of internet connectivity in the Phoenix area and beyond. “While 5G has proliferated, there does not yet exist a living lab of a mobile 5G smart city or smart campus, making this partnership the first of its kind in the country,” CIO Lev Gonick said.

The IoT is a general term referring to the devices interwoven into our society that connect to the internet; cars are now part of the IoT, as are refrigerators, security cameras, and much more. But Sprint’s Curiosity IoT network, the first dedicated IoT network built for software, truly builds a core that creates and connects immersive reality student orientations, smart lighting across five campuses, and enhanced experiences for online students. These improvements build to the larger Smart Region concept, as do other facets of the partnership.

For instance, ASU and Sprint’s “Curiosity University” will offer an advanced degree centered on the development of the IoT. Research opportunities will arise around blockchain technology, IoT development, and still never-before-seen applications, using a live commercial network and the incredible high-speed capabilities of Sprint’s 5G service. And bringing this kind of service to rural areas still underserved in Arizona is yet another outcome of this partnership.

The far-reaching implications and applications of ASU’s educational framework and community embeddedness, combined with Sprint’s powerful technological infrastructure and forward-thinking developments, make the capitalization of 5G service, the Curiosity IoT network, Curiosity University, and more an exciting step forward in the development of the Smart Region. "Having a strategic partner like Sprint at the table is invaluable," Deputy CIO Development, Mobility, and Smart Cities Chris Richardson said. "This isn’t just about technology, even though their mobility focus for 5G is a game changer. It is about know-how, an ecosystem, and an accelerator to our ASU Smart Campus, Cities and Regions initiatives. We fully expect this relationship to enable the co-creation of visible solutions that benefit our students, staff/faculty, and broader community."

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