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Virtual Orientations and Campus Visits Excite Future Sun Devils


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As ASU continues to monitor COVID-19, the university has transitioned from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. In this challenging time, however, the collective innovation of ASU faculty and staff has demonstrated remarkable adaptability. As a method of celebrating the good during uncertain developments, the University Technology Office is gathering success stories of “remote resilience” from the ASU community. The situation globally and across the country is changing daily, but we also plan to share these stories to keep pace.

The crucial and formative campus tour and student orientation experiences were shifted radically in the face of a remote modality. Just one day after ASU campuses moved online, virtual visits were being given via Zoom, the university’s video conferencing tool. The sudden, live and interactive digital experiences include admission presentations, academic sessions hosted by every college and student panels.

Zoom is also being used for remote student orientations; one such orientation, for the Barrett Honors College, brought students into breakout “rooms” to allow advisors to guide them in signing up for classes in fall. As of April 8, ten virtual new student orientations, bringing together 1,425 participants, have been held via Zoom. And 844 students have virtually toured ASU in the new remote modality, a success in inclusivity while people may feel more disconnected than ever.

The development of virtual orientations and tours is not over, however. The integration of virtual housing tours is one goal, even among the other significant accomplishments the admissions and enrollment staff have achieved. More can be read about those success stories on ASU Now.

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