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Amanda Kennedy (Director of Project Management IT)


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Who Are We?

Our highly skilled project managers provide expertise in planning, executing, and delivering IT projects and initiatives. We stay nimble among changing priorities and establish successful relationships with project teams, sponsors, and stakeholders. We help remove project roadblocks, identify risks, manage scope, and provide timely status updates to leadership. We unite subject matter experts across ASU to successfully achieve goals.


How Do We Function?

Our UTO leadership principles embrace an “Agile first” mindset. We strive to manage all projects using the Agile method. Agile project management uses an iterative approach of delivering value through multiple releases—with each release evaluated to verify the project is on the right track. Project work is diffused into manageable pieces, focused on consistent value delivery and continuous improvement.

We manage our work using Scrum, a subset of Agile. Scrum teams typically consist of cross-functional experts such as software developers, QA testers, business analysts, security specialists, product owners, and a Scrum master. They work together to plan, prioritize, and release products across timeboxed periods, known as sprints. Scrum encourages collaboration, transparency, and commitment to value delivery and customer satisfaction.

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