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Exchange to Office 365 Migration



ASU cloud

ASUEmail Exchange Service is moving to the Cloud.  Beginning in the Spring of 2016, through the end of the calendar year, ASU will be moving all faculty, staff and student worker Exchange mailboxes from the Exchange servers on campus (On-Prem) to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange (O365) services in the cloud.

These moves will be phased starting with Administrative Units and coordinated with BOM,  Administration and IT representatives to minimize the inconvenience to the mailbox owner during the transition.  

Migration Schedule:

The mailbox migration process is scheduled to take 3 weeks per business or academic unit. College and school migrations will begin in September completing in December. See menu bar for more details. 

New Features include:

  • Increased mailbox size to 50 GB, a ten-fold increase for many

  • Increased reliability and availability

  • Enhanced access to email from across more platforms (mobile), the native Outlook App now available

  • Increased mobile device email security and encrypted data

Post Migration:

  • Mailbox owners will need to update profile username to asuriteid@asurite.asu.edu

  • Mailbox owners may need to reconfigure account (Mac and Android users)

  • For more information, please visit our menu bar.

Known Issues:

While mailboxes exist on-premise and in the cloud, the university will be in Hybrid mode. Some Exchange/Outlook features will behave differently until we can get all 15,000 user mailboxes moved.

  • DL owners will not be able to add or remove members until all mailboxes are migrated at the end of the project

    • Opening an email support request will get a quick resolution.

  • OWA (Outlook Web Access) and MAC users will not have access to any Public Folders

  • Shared Calendars - you or others who share your calendar and have not been migrated, may be prompted about a change. Ok to hit OK

  • Signatures with more than just text may need to be recreated

  • For more information, please visit our menu bar

User Pre-Migration checklist:

UTO will meet with each Administrative Unit prior to their move to gather information about each of their special needs, and go over the User Pre-Migration checklist of work to be done.  We will also finalize the move schedule at this time.

  • Document HR department code(s) and department name

  • Send Mailbox owner checklist to all exchange mailbox owners in your department

  • Confirm list of Send As permissions for your departmental Public folder(s)

  • Confirm list of delegates

  • Communicate temporary process for DL management until migration is complete (see known issues)

  • Upgrade any 2007 Outlook clients to at least 2010, preferably 2013 or 2016
    Prior to migration date

  • Provide primary departmental contact information