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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated platform for digital communications. The system enables ASU to increase constituent engagement and affinity by providing the ability to gather information and deliver timely, relevant and effective messages. The Marketing Cloud has been selected as the university’s single digital communication platform and is intended to replace all other email and social media platforms that are used for mass communications.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Modules

Today’s audiences have come to expect personalized, seamless engagement when interacting with the brands they love. The Marketing Cloud gives ASU the toolset to deliver this experience through the following core functions:

  • Journeys: With the Marketing Cloud, we can map individual constituent journeys across time and plan interactions and measure results to improve our ability to meet or exceed important objectives such as enrollment, philanthropy, research funding, alumni membership and so on.
  • Contacts: The Marketing Cloud provides the ability to manage contact information across database platforms; filter and segment groups; create events and triggers; and predict the likelihood of certain actions being taken by individuals or groups.
  • Content: The Marketing Cloud provides the ability to create, curate and deliver compelling digital content to support any type of digital communication or campaign. It provides workflow, approval and versioning tools to ensure that messages are on-brand, on-target and on-time.
  • Channels: The platform offers the following digital communication channels: 1) email; 2) SMS/MMS (text) messaging; 3) push notifications; 4) social media listening, publishing and monitoring services; 5) web advertising; 6) web experiences, such as integrated landing pages; and 7) group messaging.
  • Analytics: The platform provides tracking, reporting, dashboards, and web and mobile analytics for all digital channels.
  • Apps: The Marketing Cloud provides software development toolkits and managed apps from partners that enable rapid delivery of wireless apps, connected products and connected spaces.