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Corporate Relations FAQs

Why are we storing corporate relations data in Salesforce?

We are storing this data to give more visibility into what each department is doing so that we can work together to strengthen the relationships that all departments in ASU have and improve our individual and collective results.

Can I make my contacts in Salesforce private?

Short answer: No. Long answer: We are using an open security model to eliminate duplicate records that can occur when a contact is hidden from view. We have created a Contact Permission field (see next question) that enables you to provide direction to others with respect to contacting.

Can I use (borrow, steal) other people’s corporate contacts that are listed in Salesforce?

It’s important to respect everyone’s contacts in Salesforce and communicate as appropriate with the corporate relations contact owner. In order to strengthen this process, we have set up a Contact Permission field with the following options:

  • Do not contact without permission

  • Contact with prior notice

  • Feel free to contact

Individual contacts can involve very personal and longstanding relationships that should be honored by internal correspondence in advance before new communications are made.

How do you decide who the Corporate Relations contact owner is?

Contact owner access to individual company contacts will be coordinated through individual corporate relationship managers who have been designated as an “owner” of the relationship. (Multiple “owners” will be reflected in contacts notes, but only one member can be listed in Salesforce as the primary “owner.”) Relationship managers and their supervisors are expected to work together to resolve any conflicting claims to ownership of any company contact relationship. Initially, contact ownership can be claimed by the manager who first enters the contact information in Salesforce.

How often should the data be updated in Salesforce?

Data should be updated as often as possible, as success depends entirely on the active and cooperative participation of users providing current and updated information on contacts.

Who owns the relationship with the Company (Account)?

Companies are not owned or controlled by any unit or individual; however, deference should be given to timing and sensitivities associated with development of significant relationships by others.

How do I get access to Salesforce for Corporate Relations?

Please go to links.asu.edu/salesforceaccess and fill out the access form. You will be contacted to have a conversation about your specific requirements and explain in more detail how the system works. UTO will then assist all units in ensuring that data gathering requirements can be met by each unit, including providing (a) Salesforce licenses and training and (b) collaborative development of API connections for current Salesforce users.