Organizational excellence: FY21 Q4 'By the Numbers' spotlights strides in scaling, optimization, and more

The fourth quarter of UTO’s 2021 fiscal year has distinguished itself from quarters past, encompassing a period of transformation and reorganization. UTO’s By The Numbers publication — a tool to tell our story — illuminates the successes, challenges and changes encountered this year. To measure our progress, data percentages were calculated based on April 1 - July 1, 2020 vs. April 1 - July 1, 2021.  

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 for FY21 Q4 By the Numbers.

Several of UTO’s most prominent accomplishments this quarter are centered in the realm of scaling and structural upgrades — to the extent that this realm warranted its own, brand-new category. The scaling section of By The Numbers highlights the community-oriented initiatives which served to uplift the wider Sun Devil community. This includes the extension and upgrading of over 300,000 feet of network cabling, as well as the achievement of 8 buildings being provisioned with or updated to the next-gen network. 

Alongside these structural improvements came an increased focus on cyber security; ASU’s mission of safeguarding its sensitive data consistently in the foreground. With 23 ransomware incidents prevented, and over 29,000 devices protected via Crowdstrike Endpoint Protection, information security protocols were closely observed and employed to the benefit and data-protection of ASU’s students and staff.

Lastly, this quarter's Learning and Thriving categories reflect both a flourishing student population and body of staff. Student communications, as well as remote success, were enabled and enhanced via thousands of course workspaces being developed on Slack, complementing the 17 upgraded classroom spaces supplied with new technology to facilitate effective, dependable remote learning. Additionally, a 100% increase in Giving Back to the Community events, as well as almost a hundred certificates of appreciation awarded to our colleagues ensured a quarter marked by gratitude, empowerment and community embeddedness. 


UTO’s accomplishments this quarter are a testament to our fulfillment of the Positive Core: personifying the qualities of authentic and innovative visionaries, it is truly our community that allows for the successes published quarterly in By The Numbers. 

Editor’s note: UTO By the Numbers briefs are published quarterly to illustrate the digital engagement of our community.