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ASU to begin using speedy, secure new platform: MediaPlus

A screencap of MediaPlus' user interface.

Through embedded media, faculty can create engaging course content that combines visual and auditory learning styles to offer an immersive experience. Streamlining this process for easy media integration is ASU’s new MediaPlus tool: a streaming and management platform developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

MediaPlus offers a diverse array of features, such as transcription, captions, upload and download capacity for both audio and video, playlist creation, and many more. While students cannot upload media, they are able to view content with ease, both within and outside their Canvas courses. Additionally, faculty currently utilizing MediaAMP/Modalis to stream media and transcripts in their course modules will find their content automatically transitioned to MediaPlus on Dec. 5, providing seamless migration to this upgraded tool! Then, on Dec. 6, faculty will be able to input their new content into MediaPlus in anticipation of upcoming semesters.

ASU's vision for enhanced multimedia hosting will be realized through the implementation of MediaPlus, empowered by speed, security and global delivery. For more information, please visit the MediaPlus FAQ page by clicking here. Have additional questions? Faculty and staff with concerns about the transition away from MediaAMP can contact the Experience Center, and Slack at #MediaAMP-mediaplus-support for issues and inquiries.