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ASU ShapingEDU announces 5 Calls to Action to guide the year ahead

BY MSANC102 – OCTOBER 14, 2021

Co-founded by ASU CIO Lev Gonick and UTO Executive Director Samantha Becker in 2018, ShapingEDU has brought together thousands of global changemakers to shape the future of learning in the digital age. 

Now in its fourth year, ShapingEDU is making 2021 one for the books as it welcomed its first-ever Director Stephanie Pierotti and revisited the calls to action guiding the efforts of the community at this year’s 2021 Unconference.  

“Our calls to action are the driving force behind our community and all outputs. Over the last three years, our community has grown, education has changed and our priorities have shifted,” said Pierotti. “After careful consideration, we reshaped our 10 Actions into five forward-thinking initiatives focused on dreaming, doing and driving, in an effort to accelerate ShapingEDU in 2022 and beyond.”

Check out the 2021 Communique, informed and inspired by the individuals, discussions and outputs from this year’s Unconference: 

For more on the 2021 Communique, visit the ShapingEDU website. And be sure to dive into ShapingEDU’s new 5 Calls to Action, copied below and as seen on slide seven:

1. Design the dynamic ‘new now’
Transform surfaced and emerging learning challenges into opportunities. Integrate a wider variety of learning experiences into institutions in ways that lead to learner success and relevant workforce development.

2. Humanize learning for students’ whole, authentic self
Integrate intentional empathetic and authentic elements into learning systems that make learners feel welcome, respected, supported and understood.

3. Foster serious play and immersive experiences
Utilize interactive experiences and gain practical knowledge from the metaverse to develop authentic understanding and future-focused thinking skills that lead learning innovation.

4. Enable data-driven and evidence-based learning futures
Leverage artificial intelligence, in tandem with human capacity, to deepen learning and advising, enable personalized content delivery and illuminate engagement insights to instructors and institutions.

5. Empower builders of digital fluency and digital inclusion
Advance digital transformation by advocating for accessibility to learning environments, world-class knowledge, discovery, creativity and innovation at socially meaningful scale.

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