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ASU to transition to One Number, phasing out physical phone use


Keeping in line with ASU’s goals of accessibility, flexibility and agility, the transition to ASU One Number is an initiative that ensures our phone and directory services are up-to-date. The shift to ASU One Number, downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App stores, marks a departure from the need for physical, in-office phone devices. 

UTO has been at the forefront of this change, steadily removing phones from the ASU telephone network over the past year. UTO aims to assist faculty and staff with outstanding devices: 

  1. Following each successful switch to ASU One Number, UTO will subsequently handle the retrieval of phones. 

  2. This will occur after the corresponding building containing phone equipment is identified and slated for removal services. 

Those with phones will not need to manually drop them off for disposal — the steps above ensure that, beyond transitioning to ASU One Number, no further action will be required from faculty and staff. 

UTO extends its thanks to all faculty and staff for completing this transition, and enhancing ASU's phone and directory services!

For any questions or concerns, UTO asks that faculty and staff reach out to #ASU_One_Number on Slack, where we will gladly assist you. 

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