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ASU IT Governance Community of Practice

ASU IT Governance Community of Practice

The ASU IT Governance Community of Practice includes UTO IT governance groups and partnerships, and enterprise IT governance and advisory groups.

UTO IT Governance and Partnerships

Governance structures internal to UTO and collaborations with enterprise governance partners catalyze the co-creation of our IT governance approach and create a fabric of support for the enterprise. UTO IT governance and partnerships support structures include the IT Governance Core Group, Governance Working Groups, and Governance Partnerships with other entities across the enterprise.

IT Governance Core Group

With representation from IT Governance, Customer Engagement, Enterprise Initiatives, Budget, Products and Programs, Services, Engineering, and Data and Analytics, the IT Governance Core Group is responsible for co-creation of the IT governance approach and alignment of enterprise initiatives to business strategy.

Governance Work Groups

Cross-functional, rapidly reconfigurable Governance Work Groups align work to specific opportunities.

Governance Partnerships

Governance Partnerships are relationships and work pathways with enterprise governance entities, external to UTO, critical to enable balanced business decisions and support the areas of privacy and regulatory compliance. Governance practitioners include general counsel, audit, procurement, risk and regulatory compliance teams.

Enterprise IT Governance and Advisory

Across the ASU enterprise, IT governance is represented by ASU Executive Management, Advisory Committees, the IT Community of Practice and UTO.

ASU Executive Management

ASU Executive Management committees, with representation from the President’s management team and senior leaders, set strategic direction for the enterprise, IT governance and Enterprise Technology. These groups include 

  • Executive Committee
    President’s management team sets executive strategy for the ASU enterprise.

  • Executive Management Committee
    Executive strategic direction and oversight for enterprise IT governance; CIO co-chairs with the President.

  • IT Governance Executive Council
    Executive strategic direction and oversight for enterprise IT governance; CIO co-chairs with President.

  • Enterprise Technology Management Council 
    Executive strategy and direction for Enterprise Technology.

  • Enterprise Technology Design Team
    Design and planning team for Enterprise Technology.

  • Finance Working Group (WG-F)
    Executive strategy and direction for finance and budget.

Governance Advisory Committees

Governance Advisory Committees—with membership from across the enterprise and UTO—consult and advise on strategic direction, technologies and practices, and identify and communicate gaps and needs from individual technology and business units. Committees include

  • Senior Priority Setting
    Executive engagement series with Deans and CIO, CISDTO, COO and Executive Director of Customer Engagement to communicate strategic priorities, provide updates and align with department needs. 

  • Provost
    UTO and Provost Office leadership collaboratory for alignment and visibility to emerging priorities, initiatives and resources. 

  • Research Enterprise*
    KE and UTO collaboratory for executive oversight and management of research initiatives and workstreams.

  • Learning Enterprise
    UTO, LE and EdPlus collaboratory for executive oversight and management of initiatives and workstreams.

  • Learning + Learning Futures*
    Leadership designated by Provost Office to explore how UTO advances the learning landscape and serves the learner.

  • Student Government Technology Advisory Board
    UTO participation and collaboration to review and propose enhancements of existing services and development of new services to meet the needs of the growing student population.

*In planning stage

IT Community of Practice

The IT Community of Practice is a collaborative community of technologists throughout the enterprise which affords visibility to and early involvement in goal setting and initiatives.  Members act as technology sensors throughout ASU identifying gaps and needs, and they are a source of external working groups to focus on specific technology solutions and processes. The IT Community of Practice groups include

  • Distributed Technology Working Group (WG-DT)
  • Distributed Technology Leads (DT Leads)
  • Information Technology Community (ITC)


Enterprise IT Governance and Advisory Meetings

IT Governance at ASU