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Zoom Accessibility

Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

See the list of Zoom keyboard shortcuts that you can use on the Zoom Desktop Client for Windows and Mac. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to navigate the Zoom settings without using your mouse. 

Captions: Recordings and Real-time

With all ASU courses, meetings, and other events moving to Zoom, it's imperative we try to make live online events as accessible as possible. Below, we've gathered some tips and tricks for you to make your next Zoom meeting more inclusive.

Automatic captions on Zoom cloud recordings

Zoom will automatically create transcriptions for all recorded meetings that are saved to the cloud. You can then post captioned recordings to your course or webpage for users who require captions. To take advantage of Zoom automatic captions, see instructions from Zoom on how to automatically transcribe/caption recordings of meetings.

Real-time captioning hacks with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Zoom

1. Teaching on Zoom: Automatic Subtitle Captions on a Whiteboard: A clever hack by Ted Pavlic on sharing your screen, creating accessible captions in real-time, and annotating a whiteboard or presentation at the same time.

2. Use PowerPoint or Google slides real-time subtitles anywhere: Enable subtitles/captions whenever you share a PowerPoint or Google slides presentation in Zoom. You can also use them anytime you share your screen in Zom:

  • Enable real-time subtitles/captions in Office 365 PowerPoint or Google slides
  • Open a blank Google or PowerPoint presentation with subtitles enabled.
  • Position a second browser or software window over the PowerPoint or Google slides window, adjusting it so that the captions are still visible.
    Screen capture examples
  • Share your screen in Zoom. As you work in the top window, PowerPoint will continue to display real-time captions of your voice in the bottom window.
  • If you want to capture other speakers in your Zoom session, do not use headphones (sound must come from the speakers loudly and clearly to be included in captions).

Please note: Students who are deaf or hard of hearing and registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) are eligible for accommodations beyond automatic transcription. The student or DRC will notify the instructor, and the DRC will arrange for a live CART provider to attend scheduled Zoom session(s). It is the instructor's responsibility to coordinate necessary access to Zoom with their campus' DRC.