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Work to Wellness


Many thanks to all those who participated in the Work to Wellness Survey. We received many great suggestions. Since then we’ve been working on organizing and prioritizing the suggestions and will present them to the UTO in an upcoming manager/directors meeting.


That said, it’s a new year. The University offers many benefits, some of which may help your resolutions. These often overlooked benefits may be helpful for you.


For example, did you know that you can schedule and use sick time for preventative heath appointments? Some physicians keep hours between 8-5. For those of us on the “bankers schedule”, this may interfere with actually making time for an appointment.  (ref  - Use Section, Item 2)


All health insurances offered by ASU have a wellness component that offers discount on wellness services, including gym memberships:

•             Aetna:

•             Blue Cross Blue Shield: 

•             Cigna:

•             United Health Care:


In addition to these, there are plenty of employee discounts to be had by simply being part of ASU.


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