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March 2014

April 4, 2014

UTO Wire – March 2014 


Move Update

Most of UTO is aware that a significant number of staff has been relocated to USB… finally! However, some of our UTO family still remains in our beloved CPCOM.  Many of our favorite Care team members will reside within our on-campus oasis.  They will remain to represent us and our steadfast commitment to the care of the students and faculty that frequent the Computing Commons and supported areas of the Tempe campus. It may seem like a fracturing of our UTO family, but quite the contrary.  Our UTO family has grown rapidly, and with more members it was necessary to move into bigger accommodations. Thank you all for a successful transition from CPCOM to USB.

What’s New in Development?

My ASU Guest Access

Coming in April, we will have a great new way for parents and guests to view information about their students. My ASU Guest Access will allow students to give their parents or guests online access to their student information; such as grades, account balances, and financial aid information.   Students will have complete control over what data is viewable by their parents and guests.  ASU will use this new system to manage student’s FERPA Consent for Access requests.

What’s New in PPMO?

Jana Hutchins is joining the PPMO as a Project Manager.  Jana is a dedicated Sun Devil who has worked for ASU in various departments, as well as studying here for her Master’s degree.  Some of the UTO veterans may remember her from her time working with UTO.  Her focus has been in GIS software, where she is truly an expert.  This perspective on analyzing data is a key asset as she moves into responsibility for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College initiatives.  Her initial emphasis will be the Professional Learning Library.  Additionally, Jana has been a project manager and led teams that have included volunteers, external partners, students, and technologists. Jana will bring her technology, project management, and academic experience to our team.  Welcome Jana!

Grady Moore has also joined the PPMO as a Project Manager.  Grady received his MBA from ASU, and in his interview he said that experience encouraged him to return to the institution.  Grady is an experienced project manager who comes to ASU with experience in the defense and aerospace industries.  He has strong skills in enterprise software systems, starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and work as a developer, database administrator, and system administrator.  He has also managed large projects and was responsible for solutions requiring Corporate and SOX compliance.  Grady has been a key stakeholder and contributor in IT Strategic Planning, Architecture Review Boards, Program Management Office, Corporate Governance, and ITIL methods.  His experience with large projects will serve him well.  Grady will apply his leadership skills in projects that serve the entire institution.  Welcome Grady! 

Dashboards are “Pretty” Important

We all like pretty, colorful, and shiny objects; it’s the kid in all of us. But did you know that the PPMO has developed dashboards that are not only visually stunning, but are a powerful tool to visually and virtually educate yourself on project progress and resource needs? Check out this PDF on the dashboards and prepare to learn about some “pretty” important new features in Planview.



What’s new in Atlassian OnDemand?

 Display a single JIRA issue in a table. You can now display single JIRA issues in a table using the JIRA Issues macro. The three formats available for a single issue are shown here.

Highlight text to create JIRA issues in projects with required fields.

Recently Confluence adopted a new feature Highlight Text Create JIRA Issue method of creating an issue from a Confluence page.

The feature has been extended to support:

  • Required system fields (for example Fix Version and Component)
  • Text based required custom fields (number field, text field [single line and multi-line] and URL field types only)
Demo: Communicate progress.
Publish JIRA reports. Communicate the status and changes between releases to the rest of the business in Confluence. Keeping key stakeholders informed has never been this easy. Here is a demo of how to publish JIRA Reports in Confluence:
Demo: Reflect improve. Run retrospectives. Kick-off retrospectives in Confluence as soon as you complete your sprints in JIRA Agile. Invite your team to reflect and improve the agile way. Here is a demo on how to use the Retrospective template for Confluence: