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What’s New in PPMO?


Overview of Agile Framework

Agile? SCRUM? What’s that? If you’ve wondered about the terms and would like to see an overview of the Agile/SCRUM framework, please join the newly formed Agile User Group on Friday, January 17, at 11:00 a.m. in USB 2630. Kendal Burkhart and Laura Castrovinci will give a brief overview of Agile/SCRUM followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

PPMO Corner

Low level estimating of work to be done is not easy.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recommends breaking down the work to a level where you feel more comfortable with providing an estimate.

3-Point Estimate

The most accurate approach is a 3-point estimate that includes:

•   best case estimate (if someone waves a magic wand and all goes perfectly),

•   worst case estimate, and

•   middle of the road estimate.

A final estimate is then calculated using this formula: (best+worst+4*middle of the road)/6.

PMI has found that this approach has an error margin of +/- 5%.

Analogous Estimate

The next best approach recommended by PMI is an analogous estimate. This is where you think back to similar work that you might have done in the past and estimate based on how much effort it took you to do that work and the relative complexity of the new task when compared with the old task.

The accuracy of this estimate has an error margin of -25% to +75%. You don’t remember how much time you spent on a task? If you reported your time against that task in Planview, you can look it up:  

Analytics (top of screen) >> Homeview Dashboard >> Dashboards >> Resources >> RPT04 Team Member Time Reporting

1.    Select a time range and then click on Apply.

2.    You can now drill down on the time you reported: click on the ‘+’ next to your name to see more information; click on the ‘+’ next to Projects to see more details.

3.    Click on the ‘+’ next to Total Actual Hours (column heading) to see more detail.

4.     You can also export this data to several file types (file only contains the level detail you drill down to on the screen).

If you don’t have access to the reports, please contact your PM to look up the old information.

Additional information on running Planview reports is available here: https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/ppmo/planview/reports


What’s New in OPS?


John Murnane has joined the deskside support team at the Downtown Phoenix Campus. Most recently John had been teaching at South Mountain Community College. Prior to that John was with the “old UTO” and Herberger College IT teams at ASU.  Welcome back John!