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February 2014

March 3, 2014

What’s New in Development?

  • Mat Ruff joined the Web Applications team as a Systems Analyst Associate in November 2013. Mat is a 2013 ASU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. While pursing his degree, Mat worked as a Tech Supervisor and assisted customers with their network, computer, and diagnostic issues. In his new role, Mat will be focused on Drupal development projects and is a developer with Project Connections, the ASU Salesforce implementation.  Welcome Mat!
  • Kate Giovacchini joined the Product and Business Analysis team November of 2013.  Kate comes to ASU with five years of experience in an internet tech company where her latest role was a Quality and Excellence Specialist. Kate is an undergraduate Alumni of ASU. Kate is currently a graduate student pursuing her Master of Science in Information Management through WP Carey School of Business.   Kate is currently providing Business Analyst support on the Residency Web Application initiative. She enjoys being outdoors, gardening, and cooking.  Welcome Kate!
  • Elysia McDevitt joined the Product and Business Analysis team November of 2013.  Elysia has 13 years of experience in the higher education vertical. Her work experience includes client relationship management, project management, and business analysis. She is a Title IV Financial Aid Expert and has seven years of experience with federal financial aid. Elysia is currently the Business Analyst working on the Transfer Credit Guide project. Elysia and her husband, James, are avid Harley Davidson motorcycle riders who enjoy exploring the back roads of Arizona’s open highways.  Welcome Elysia!
  • Josh Johnson joined the Product and Business Analysis team in November of 2013. Josh is an alumnus of ASU and spent the last 10 years with ASU Property Control, most recently as an Asset Management Analyst. His experience includes work with business, systems, and data analysis, with an emphasis on process automation and sustainability. Josh enjoys trying new things and gets a kick out of a good challenge. He also just finished his first full marathon last month.  Welcome Josh!
  • Jill Thompson joined the Product and Business Analysis team November of 2013. Jill has 20 years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit industries.  Her background includes several years in data analysis, budgeting, purchasing, and operations.  She comes to ASU from United Way where she was the Project Director overseeing a large state grant which funded early childhood education.  Jill is currently a Data Analyst and provides support for projects involving My ASU. Jill is an ASU alumni.  She, her husband, and two teenage daughters, enjoy hiking, camping, and skiing.  In addition, they have been raising service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence for the last seven years and have a house load of dogs and cats. Welcome Jill!
  • Jeff Bruce joined the Product and Business Analysis team in February 2014. Jeff worked for the last three years as a Systems Analyst at Apollo Group. He obtained his B.S. in Computer Information Systems from the WP Carey School of Business in 2010 while working as an intern. He is happy to return to his alma mater, working in the technology group. Jeff is working the eAdvisor Middle School and High School Expansion project. His experience includes work with Single Sign On Connections, Identity Management, and Java web app support.  Jeff enjoys playing soccer, softball, and guitar.  Welcome Jeff!

What’s New in PPMO?

Data Governance and the ASU Data Management Program

Data governance is central to a successful data management program.  Data governance establishes responsibility for data.  This responsibility includes understanding the data, granting access to the data, and resolving any issues related to it.  At ASU, the current data governance effort is to move the existing data stewards/data trustees forward to a more explicit, more mature data governance structure.  The focus of this data governance structure is the establishment of the Data Oversight Council.  This council will consist of representative data stewards from across the university and expert stakeholders such as the Office of the General Counsel and the Chief Information Security Officer.  This council will be charged with establishing data policy for the university, resolving data issues, and guiding the development of the data management program at ASU.

ASU leadership has recognized the need for a formal Information Technology policy manual.  Creation of this manual from the existing disperse IT policies and standards, as well as any new policy initiatives will be among the initial tasks addressed by the Data Oversight Council and the data management program.  This manual will join the suite of ASU policy manuals which includes the ACD, FIN, and SPP manuals.


  • Curtis Thompson has over seven years experience in project management and development based on lean and agile methodologies for enterprise systems, marketing, analytics, and business strategy. Most recently, he has been working on projects with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Global Outreach & Extended Education Department, leading web projects and marketing for their industry and government collaborations in Southeast Asia.  This includes work on the Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) and the Vietnam Engineering Scholarships & Fellowships Program (VESF).  Welcome Curtis!

What’s New in Operations?

Embracing Sustainability in the UTO:

Does the area around your departmental printer look like this, many printouts not picked up?
Or worse, adding the energy cost of shredding everything before it goes to recycle?
Think before you print.  Do you really need color?  Color prints are four times the cost of B/W.  Can you use draft mode to reduce the amount of ink used.  Are you just making a copy for your records?  Do you really need a physical print?  Why not just print to PDF and store the “virtual” page where you can access it later.  Can you print in duplex; it uses half the amount of paper.  Are you taking copies of agendas to a meeting for others?  Let them chose to print or not…A little message about sustainability from your Friends in Care


IT Service Management Update – March 2014

Problem management pilot rollout is April 1. 

Problem Management aims to

  • prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening,
  • eliminate recurring incidents, and
  • minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

by understanding the root cause, documenting and communicating known error’s and initiating actions to improve or correct the situation.

Our initial goal in this release is to shift documentation of Problems into ServiceNow and out of de-centralized stores, like email and notepads.

For more information on ITSM, please visit our website.

Agile User Group Meeting: Jira Agile Overview

The next Agile User Group Meeting will be on Monday, March 17 at noon. Everyone is welcome to join or call in. Please feel free to bring your lunch.  An RSVP is not necessary.

 The topic of this session is JIRA Agile Overview and we will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Agile project components and how they are different from non-agile projects in JIRA
  • Scrum vs. Kanban boards in JIRA
  • How to work tickets from an Agile board, progress, assign, comment, etc.


USB 2630


Monday, March 17, 12 pm – 1 pm

Call In:

41950 (or 480-884-1950 from outside ASU) id: 4840

Video Sharing: